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Laura Oliver

Laura Oliver

Former County Extension Director and Extension Agent, Livestock & Horticulture
Laura is no longer active in Extension

Recent Posts by Laura Oliver

Image of soil

What Is Soil?

Many well-meaning gardeners plug away applying herbicide after herbicide on a relentless crop of weeds, or vegetable gardeners diligently …

Cover photo for Parasite Control for Herd Health

Parasite Control for Herd Health

The heat is ramping up and small ruminants, like sheep and goats, throughout the county are gaining access to …

Cover photo for Planning the Perfect Garden

Planning the Perfect Garden

Vegetable Garden Beds – Lucy Bradley The cool weather has finally subsided and many of you may just be getting …

Cover photo for Water for Your Horses

Water for Your Horses

Of the five basic nutrient groups: protein, carbohydrates & fats, water, minerals, and vitamins, water is the most commonly …

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