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Stink Bug Management in Cotton popular

Stink bugs are tearing through cotton that has bolls.  Both plant bugs and especially stink bugs and their damage vary widely across North Carolina, but are generally at much higher levels that we’ve MORE » – from   Cotton

Peanut and Tobacco News

Peanut and Tobacco Newsletter Lorsban for Rootworms This year there is probably a greater risk of rootworms because of all the rain. If you have fields that have high to moderate risk for MORE »

Handling Plant Bugs Post Bloom popular

Plant bugs are still being found and treated, even farther into the Coastal Plain than usual.  It seems like a lot of our fields treated for plant bugs in the past have experienced MORE » – from   Cotton

Field Crops News

Field Crop News July 10, 2014 Cotton As you are scouting your fields, I am sure you are all looking at plant bugs and stink bugs.  Decisions spraying need to be made on MORE »

Southern Rust in Corn

Southern Corn Rust has been identified in eastern, NC. More information can be found in the following publication by Ron Heiniger and Steve Koenning. Southern Rust in Corn in MORE »

Bagworms in Leyand Cypress

I get calls from time to time from people that have Leland Cypress tress that have dead spots in them. The usual problem is bagworms in the trees. Cypress trees are used in MORE »

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