New Year’s Resolution: Getting Fit

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The excitement of a new year makes the month of January a time for making New Year’s resolutions. Often the most popular New Year’s resolutions focus on health. The most popular New Year’s resolutions focused on health are about getting fit.

Many people establish noble goals on January 1st only to drop those goals shortly after the New Year. So many struggle with reaching their goals due to many of them being unrealistic. Here are some strategies on how to keep your New Year’s resolution of getting fit.

One healthy strategy to keeping your New Year’s resolution is to start with small steps. It is important to take small but practical changes to reach your goal of getting fit. Small changes can add up to a healthy lifestyle over time. Resolutions are not meant to be a competition; there is no end date to reaching your goal of getting fit. The small changes you make are meant to be incorporated into your current lifestyle to help develop a healthier lifestyle that can be maintained for years to come.

Another healthy strategy to keep your New Year’s resolution would be to incorporate MyPlate into your current lifestyle. MyPlate can help you find a healthy eating lifestyle and maintain it. If you make each of your plates you eat resemble the MyPlate, it will help remind you to make half of your plate consist of fruits and vegetables, half of your grains whole, eat low-fat dairy products, and vary your meats. MyPlate also allows you to keep making those small changes to better health.

Lastly, always remember to celebrate your milestones along the way. No matter how big or small your New Year’s Resolution milestone for getting fit is, always celebrate your achievement. A small achievement could be you tried a new fruit or vegetable that you will incorporate in your diet. You can celebrate that small achievement by inviting a family member or friend to try that fruit or vegetable also, helping them work towards their goal of getting fit. A big achievement could be you lost the goal weight you were trying to achieve. You can celebrate that big achievement by inviting a family member or friend to exercise with you. Just remember to celebrate each milestone.

I hope these strategies help you keep your New Year’s resolution of getting fit. Enjoy the New Year, but remember to make small changes first to getting fit. For more information on getting fit for the New Year, please call Kyndle Nichols at the Extension office at 252-789-4370.

Source:  USDA Blog, MyPate Makes It Easier for Health Professionals to Encourage Healthier Lifestyles in 2018, Posted by Jirka and Holland, 2018.