Martin County Farmers Recycle Plastic Pesticide Containers

— Written By Al Cochran

Martin County Farmers have been recycling plastic pesticide container for many years now. There is a building at the Martin County Landfill where the pesticide containers are stored. Farmers triple rinse the pesticide containers, remove the label booklets, and punch a hole in them, before they bring them to the landfill. They are stored in a building at the landfill and a recycle company comes out about 3 times a year and grinds them up, to be reused for things like plastic fence post, and plastic pallets.

In 2013 Martin County Farmers delivered 10.475 pounds of pesticide container to the landfill to be recycled. If we did not have this recycle program, farmers would have to pay for the containers to be disposed in the landfill trash. At $40 per ton, this program save at least $200 for the farmers of Martin County in disposal fees, and saved space in the landfill disposal site.

The pesticide container recycle program is a partnership between the N.C. Cooperative Extension Service, the NC Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Martin County Government, and the farmers of Martin County. Farmers call the Martin County Extension Center to make appointment to deliver the containers to the landfill. For more information on the Martin County pesticide container recycle program, call the office at 789-4370.