Now Is the Time to Take Soil Samples

Posted On March 18, 2014— Written By Al Cochran

Now is a good time to take a soil sample for your garden or lawn. Soil sampling is the best method to determine how much lime or fertilizer you need to apply to your lawn or garden. Applying too much lime, and getting the pH of the soil too high, is just as bad as not applying enough, and having a low pH. The pH measures the acidity of the soil. Most plants need a pH of about 5.8 to 6.5, with the exception being azaleas, blueberries, and centipede grass, which like a lower pH. Lime is added to the soil to increase the pH. Adding fertilizer over time will lower the pH of the soil. The soil test results you get back from the sample, will give recommendations on how much lime amounts to apply, as well as what type and how much fertilizer to apply.

            From December to March, the NCDA & CS Agronomic Division charges $4 per soil sample. During the months of April to November there is no charge for soil samples. To send in a soil sample in March, you will need to go online and fill out the need paper work for each sample, and either pay with a credit card, or set up an escrow account. The NCDA & CS will not take checks and paper forms during the period of time that there is a charge for soil samples. You can pick up soil sample boxes and forms at our office at 104 Kehukee Park Rd.

            Applying the correct amount of fertilizer and lime will give you a much healthier lawn and garden. For more information of soil sampling or gardening, call the office at 789-4370.